Monday, November 7, 2011

071111 , 3.33 p.m : I'm sorry .

assalamualaikum .

me , you , FOREVER ?
Nahh , no way that's gonna happen -,-
I can't accept you because you are too good for me .
I'm so sorry . But you deserve better person than I do .

Please understand this situation . I just want you to be happy .
Eventhough I know you're not that happy right now ,
but this is the best decision for both of us .
Seriously I'm telling you that I'm not the one for you .

I hope you try to accept things that are not meant for you .
Although I told that I'm not the one for you ,
I love you , forever and always <3
Take care of yourself mok . Good luck for SPM .
Study smart , zero pressure .
Prove to your parents that you can get awesome result .
No worries , I will always support you no matter what :)

Byeee people , thanks for reading :D

meloveyou AMIEN <3

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