Wednesday, October 13, 2010

kaos .

hurm , u don't need to talk much .
i already knew what u gonna say bout us .
actually i'm not so suprised u know .
because i knew that u're always like this .

yeah i admitted that i'm sad .
once u said that u wanna go far away from me ,
my mind said ' just let him go , he is not important to u ' .
but my heart said
' no way ! don't let him go just like that ! u know u love him so much ! '
my heart just shout & shout & shout till i giving up .

ahh , u never know how i feel right now .
maybe some of u had felt this way too ,
but not as same as mine .
mine is kinda weird & full with kaos .
hurm , that's it . i giving up & i would never let anyone
influenced me to do something that involving love things or wtv .
that's all for today .
byebye & have a nice day :)

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