Saturday, September 25, 2010

omg ! it's PMR -_____-'

PMR is just around the corner .
i more week to go and then the war begins .
i gotta be ready for it . actually ,
i'm quite afraid if i failed one of the subjects .
if it happens , this might be the end of the world . HAHA .

i've must finish all the excercises books
that my mum had bought for me .
banyak gileeee seyh mak aku beli .
aduyai , rase mcm nak mati jee buat revision .
aku tau mak aku nak aku berjaya .
dan aku insyaallah tunaikan permintaan mak aku tu .

btw , to all PMR candidates
good luck yahh . make your family proud of you .
after PMR kite boley hang out dahh . so ,
do the best to get the best . HAHA .
may ALLAH blessed all of you .
byebye , take care guys :)

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